Successful Stamping @ Vancouver on Dec 2 2014


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Thanks Murthy forum for helping me. 


Below are my details and background


First time F1->H1 stamping

MS in US


I took all my client and vendor letters


My interview was scheduled at 10:30 am


I arrived at 9:30 am and there is not much crowd outside and entered the building


Security check: verify your ds-160 confirmation, passport, i797

He asked me for my passport size photo. I gave him and he attached it to these above documents and asked me to wait in line on second floor. If your passport size photo doesnt meet their regulations they will take a photo there itself for $10


I was then called for my finger prints and was handed over my documents back . I guess they verified PIMS meanwhile. They wrote some number on the top of DS-160. I guess I had no issue with PIMS


Then went to 20th floor for interview

The small room with counters was full with families


Finally got a call for my number on counter 3. VO is a young male officer


Me: Good Morning

VO: Good Morning. Please provide me your LCA, W-2, Pay stubs, Employment Letter


I gave him all those documents


VO: Who is your employer



VO: What is your highest level of Education

Me: Masters


VO: Where did you go to school



VO: Did you work on your OPT?

Me: Yes


VO: Where is your employer located?



VO: Do you have a end client? who is it?

Me: Yes. XXXXX


VO: Do you have a client letter?

Me: Yes. I was about to provide him the client letter, but he said not needed


VO: What is your role and responsibilities?

Me: Answered them


VO: What is your salary?

Me: Answered


VO: Does your employer pay you on time?

Me: Yes


There was a couple of minutes silence. He was looking at my lca, w-2 and ds-160 info


VO: Your visa has been approved. You will receive email from Loomis

Me: Thank you very much. Have a good day


Overall it was a smooth experience. I came out of the consulate by 10:20 am


I just checked my status and it is showing AP.. any idea what are the next statuses?


I will keep you guys posted once i receive my passport


Thank you

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