Ottawa H1B VISA Renewal Experience - Dec 1st 2014


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Hello all,

I just wanted to share my H1b visa experience at the US consulate in Ottawa Canada.

This is my 3rd H1B Visa renewal. My first one was from Calgary in 2009 & 2nd one was @ Ottawa Feb 2014

My Background:

-  I am a full-time employee at an Insurance company in Boston
-  Did my Masters is Software Engg in US (Graduated 2008 March)

-  Started working on H1B since Oct 2008

-  Went to stampingF1 -> H1B in 2009 at Calgary Canada, got approved.

-  Changed employer and started to Fulltime in 2013

-  Went for my 2nd H1B renewal in Feb 2014 at Ottawa Canada, got approved.

-  Got my PERM and i140 approved by my current employer

-  Went for stamping today in Ottawa (Dec 1st 2014),



1) First get the Canadian Visa (Its better if you have a multiple entry VISA)

Apply here:

2) Fill out the DS160 Form (You do not need to fill out the whole form, but at least get to a point where you get the confirmation number so you can use that to schedule an appointment)

Apply here:  https://ceac.state.g...IV/Default.aspx

3) Schedule an Appointment with the Ottawa Consulate (You can change as many times as you want-the deadline is 1 day before your scheduled date)

Apply here:  https://usvisa-info....country_welcome

4) After making sure you got all the documents from your Employer/Client complete you DS160 at least 2 days ahead of your Appointment date.


Docs I carried:(Better to carry than not)
DS-160 Confirmation,

MRV receipt (Appointment Confirmation),

I129, LCA, Other Supporting for H1B docs*(lawyer usually gives u a stack)
Employer Letter, Manager Recommendation Letter
Pay Stubs
Tax Returns

Resume (This is a must have @ this Consulate)
Mark Sheets etc..


On the day of Appointment:

1) My appointment is at 9:45am, I went by walk from Capitol Hill Hotel

2) I was there in the consulate at around 8:50, waited in the line. The Ottawa consulate is open from 8AM, this consulate is small so you will be allowed inside the 1st wait lobby check.

3) Now, it is the time for a security check- you will be asked to put everything in the box with nothing in your pockets)

4) You will then asked to proceed to the Visa Appointment section before which you will checked for your

     1) Passport, 2) DS160 and your 3) H1B 797 form.

5) You will be asked to see Counter 7 for check-in; he would give u r docs in a pamphlet.

6) When my turn came in, I submitted my Passport along with DS160 and H1B. You will be given a token number.

7) You will be then called in to Counter 6 where in your fingerprints will be taken and your documents will be returned to you in a Yellow folder asking you to wait for your number to be called.


There was only 1 window open for taking the interview today,  these were the questions asked:

1) How long you have been working in the US?

2) Whats the nature of your company's business?

3) What do you do for your company?


Even before I finished my answer, he confirmed that I have convinced him enough and gave me the Passport Loomis Pick up info. The interview was clean; it is just that we have to be honest.


Track you Application:


I live in Boston, so I drove from Boston through New Hampshire, Vermont to Montreal; Drive was good as the temperature got a bit warmer this week in Ottawa.

Ottawa Cuisines: Kottu Rooti (awesome dosas - especially egg dosa), Shafali, Tandoori Fusion(not so great)

My recommendation to everyone is don't panic, It is very important that we should keep ourselves relaxed during or before the interview, Don’t think too much, We are all professionals and have worked hard and crossed many obstacles to get to the point where we are and should continue to do the same. I wish everyone good luck and best wishes!! If any questions please I am open to answer them.


All the very best to all the guys who wish to be here for their Visa Renewal


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I have a similar story for the same day: Dec 01 2014


Interview time : 945

Arrived: 915

Departure: 1115 (Long queue due to fewer windows open)


My background:

Same Employer H1 extension

Field Non IT

MS in US


Questions asked:

Where in US are you headed? City A because I work with Company G

What do you do for them? Work in the M Group.

I am approving the Visa. Collect at Loomis.


That is it. All the time spent was for the fingerprinting and wait for the interview. The actual interview was barely 15 sec. No documents were requested.

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