H4 to F1 visa - Financial evidence


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Hi All, 

I have applied for H4 to F1 visa on Sep 8th 2014, and i am still waiting for my approval. I had to show financial evidence for my tuition fee (38000$ as per I20) but i have already completed 2 semester's on H4 visa. Could anyone tell me if its ok to upload my official transcripts to USCIS site to show that i have completed 2 semesters. The reason i want to submit transcripts is i couldn't show 38000$ cash evidence initially when we submitted the application and i have already paid my tuition fee for 2 semesters. 

Also, we have enough balance (26000$ cash in US bank a/c and 18000$ India Fixed deposit) in my husbands account now, can we upload the latest bank statements? 


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