Planning for stamping in Canada


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Hello everyone,


I am on H1B visa and planning to do stamping in canada.  


Is there anyway I can know what dates are open without ds160.  Can anyone give average number of days for the date.


Also this is my second stamping but with different employer.  

I am fulltime employee.  


I had 221g before at my first stamping which got cleared in 3 months.  


My question is how many days it takes for stamping in canada if you are approved right away.

Also if get 221g, how many days it takes to get clear.  Meanwhile if i go back to india and i get approval email, can i send my passport to mumbai or have to go canada for submitting passport.


Lastly if my employer revoke my h1, how much grace period i have to transfer.


And if it is revoked and i am filing new h1 through different employer, can i start right away or do i need to wait for oct 1st.


Please advise.  Thank you in advance.




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