H1 approved but only have the petition Number with me with no other document


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Hi ,


I have an H1 approved, one which got approved this year which was for 2013 and also an earlier one which got approved in 2009.Now since I never went to US on h1 and even didn't get the H1 stamped before.


Therefore Now my questions are :

1. Can I get my H1 transferred just with an EAC or WAC no . (Its the petition Number I guess ) without any other documents ? Since the organization which filed my H1 is not in a mood to give me my documents till the time I get placed with their client and go with them.


2. Can Coming to US in any way help me out?

What if I come on B1/B2 to relatives place find a job and then get the status changed to H1 .

Is that a valid scenario to move from B1 to H1 in the United states .
Since getting a client in US itself would be quite easy then from back in India.

Please answer both my queries? I do really need an answer to both :(


Thanks In advance 


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