Amendments to LCA/H1-B for change of work location


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Hello All,


Request for urgent help. I'm very new to all the implications of LCA and H1-B related intricacies.


Here is my scenario:

I recently started on my approved H1-B from October-2014 with a consultancy firm. Since my intial H1 was filed for internal project and now that I'm working at client location, I was told that new LCA for my new work location has to be filed. My client location (new work location) is 3 hours drive from the location initially filed in my LCA.


Here are my 2 prime concerns:

My employer told that, although new LCA for this new work location is to be filed, there will be NO impact on existing 3 year H1-B visa. Is this correct? As far I know, change in LCA has to followed by new H1-B petition? Am, I wrong, or is my employer hiding something from me?


I'm on verge of changing to a full-time job with a new employer. Will this on-going "changing LCA for new work location" scenario with my current employer impact the LCA and H1-B petition (transfer) my new full-time job employer is going to file soon?


Please help me. I'm confused to my very core and kindly excuse my ignorance.

Thanking you in advance.    

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