I-140, H-1BExtension and Change of Jobs


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Sorry if this question was asked earlier. Need some clarification on below...

I have an I-140 approved on say April 2011. My company is filing my 3 year H-1B extension ( premium processing paid by me) for me now. I hope to get it approved in 15 days. My question is how long should I be with the current employer before changing jobs.

1) Should I wait 6 months from I-140 approval date assuming my H-1B extension is approved by Aug 15


2)Should I wait for 6 months from H-1B extension approved date i.e. 6 months from Aug 15 2011?

Please let me know.

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The question posed in this posting is somewhat odd given that an H1B approved to work at a specific employer does not provide permission to work at another employer. I would recommend speaking directly with an attorney who can provide advice after receiving information explaining the specific details needed to provide legal advice.

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