L1B RFE and H1B COS approved , going for stamping.

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Hi Friends


I have been going through the forum's and couldn't get a direct clarification to my concern.

I was on L1B through "Company A", my L1B & I94 was valid till August 2012.

Company A - has applied for my L1B extension in July 2012 and i got an RFE and suppose to respond by 5th Nov 2012 ( due date ). (ie., I was staying in US on Extension &

REF period even my Visa got expired as mentioned above).

Meanwhile i have filled for a fresh new H1B - COS through "Company B" and got my H1B approved by 7 OCT 2012 ( ie., officially i can start working from 7st Oct 2012 ).

I have resigned company A on 2nd Nov 2012 and joined company B from 5th Nov  2012.

Now my previous company A has withdraw the petetion,


In 2013 November I have resigned from Employer B and joined another H1B Employer C throught approved H1B Transfer.

I am planning to go for stamping My questions are :

1. Will there be any impact when i go for H1B stamping ( since i was staying in US on Extension and RFE grace time  ) ?

2. Will there be any US - immigration form i need to submit, stating that i have changed my status and residence location ? or how can i let US - Immigration team knowvvthat i am on H1B and currently working  through Company B.


3. I think I am maintaiing my status , but what are the chances that VO ask about my valid status since August 2012(I moved to H1B COS based on my Employer B's immigration attorney confirmation)


4.) Are you aware of any one in similar situation and gone for stamping , Please share the stamping experiences.


I appriciate you help ans suggestions




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 It seems I'm also in the same situation as yours. Did you go to VISA stamping. I'm planning to go to India in January? Could you please update me your experience, that would help me alot..


Here is my case:

My L1B (VISA & I-94 ) expired on July 2013, My employer filed L1B extension and I got RFE in Sep 2013. Mean while I got H1B COS approved from another employer and I started working on H1 from Oct 2013 onwards... My previous employer had withdrawn my L1B extension petetion without responding to RFE.... Will there  be any issues if I go to VISA stamping for H1B ?




Thanks !!!

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