EB2 Eligibility

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I have completed my 3 years bachelors in 2002. Since then I have continous experience as software engineer (approx 6 years in India and 6 years in US). I am currently pursuing Masters In Computer Science (expected completion date is Aug 2015) part time along with full time job on H1-B. My employer is getting ready to start perm process and currently they are considering me for EB3 category. The job description though allows for EB2 or EB3, but based on my education and experience, they think I am best best fitted for EB3. My question is


1. Is there a way to apply in EB2 category before completing Masters? Would getting advance letter from university help? Or anything that can help start the process in EB2?


2. Would it be better to wait till Aug 2015 to start perm process? Would the Masters degree help in qualifying for EB2? Does work experience mentioned in job description need to be total job experience or does it have it be experience after completing Masters degree?


Thanks in advance


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