2 Audits in labor


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         I had filed for labor in Sep 2012 and received audit in dec 2012. My employer replied to the audit in January 2013. In mid 2013, I got to know that my case went for BALCA.  We receiving a docketing ticket in March-April 2014 in which my employer decided to withdraw the application so that we could file a new one.


       My employer then filed my second labour on April 24th 2014. I received audit on this 2nd labor as well (11/19). Below is the email that my employer sent me which states what is required for the audit:


"They are asking for US Citizen resumes and recruitment summary before filing for the labor."


My employer says that this is simple and straightforward as they have the documents already ready so will be responding to DOL in a weeks time and anticipating a quick turnaround.



My question here is: Has this happened with anyone else as well and if yes how long would it take now and is there any chance of getting it approved.



I am meanwhile getting ready to look for a full time position.


Please advice!!


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