Urgent: RFE for COS from H4 to F1 (Financial Bank Statements)


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I applied for COS(H4-F1)and got a RFE with the following reason.Please help with next steps I should be taking.

RFE notice:

You submitted a statement from Bank of America showing that your sponsor has $****.** in his checking account and $*****.** in his savings account. A simple statement will not suffice.Submit the last three (3) months of original bank statements that include all deposits and withdrawals for the Bank of America checking  and savings account.If these records indicate a sudden or unusually large deposit of funds, submit a detailed statement describing the origin of the funds. This statement should be supported by a statement from the originator of the funds detailing the nature, duration and limit of their support of  your stay. These  statements should be accompanied by documentary evidence to demonstrate that the source of the funds has the ability to provide the support indicated.

Current Situation:

The amount specified in my I-20 is $33,395 for a year. My husband(sponsor 1) currently has an average of 22,000$ for the last 3 months.We have paid the fees of Fall semester (Receipts available).My mother(sponsor 2) is contributing 25000 $ in fixed deposits from India whose bank letters and notary affidavit are also ready. My mothers documents were submitted when i filed my I539


Since my husband has an avg of 20,000$ and the I-20 mentions 33,395 will there be any questions? I will be attaching my fee receipts and mothers documents.Will there be any problem if I go ahead. If so please provide suggestions.

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