DS160 submission


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I am going to appear for H1B visa stamping for first time


I have few questions


1)  I work in mountain view , California .  Employer Address on I129 is USA headquarters address - New Jersey Address.


In my DS 160 I mentioned every where mountain view address . Is it fine if it defers from  I129  aproval notice , because i work in mountain view, california.


Same with Previous employer Address , Place where i work and I129 approval address (headquarter's address)  are different . (I transferred my H1B once , going for the stamping for 1st time)


2) Employer Name : Petitioner name in I129 approval notive is XYZ USA INC. I kept same in DS 160 in petitioner name . But in employer name I just kept XYZ . Does that create any problem?


I have already submitted my DS 160


Should I reOpen for above reasons?


Thanks in advance for ypur help

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