L1A Visa Expired April 2013 - am i cap exempt??


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Dear Immigration Gurus,

here is my data.


1998-2001 - H1B Company A

2001-2004- Transfer H1 to Company B. - dint use full 6 years - another 11 months left as i came back to india joined company C


2001-april 1014 - B1 - Company C - stated  6 months in us

aug 2004-aug2005 - L1 blanked

Mar 2006 -aug 2007 - L1A individual petion  - stayed 8 months in usa


changed company D


march 2010 - march 2013 - L1A - Company D - stayed only for one year in usa.


now i want to apply for H1b am i cap exempt ?


appreciate your replies.





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