Did my clock reset ?


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Hello Folks,
I worked on L1B VISA for a couple of years. Then I went to India for about 11 months and came back on dependant VISA H4 for 3 months. Then I started working back on H1B VISA. Please see the tables for details.
My question is : Did my clock reset when I started on H1B or since I entered back on H4 within a year (11 months), my clock did not reset ? I wanted to know if I have about 3 years left or 5 years left on my H1B ? Please guide

Visa Type                       Date of Entry into USA                  Date of Exit from USA
L1B                                     4/21/2010                                           4/17/2011
L1 B                                    7/9/2011                                             6/19/2012
H4                                       6/2/2013                                             8/26/2013
H1B                                    9/28/2013                                             Till Date

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