H4 concern of my spouse!!


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Hi All,


I'm currently on H1B with my employer (xyz), my visa expired on sept 30 2014, my employer has applied for extention for me,my dependants(who are currently in  India) and it is approved.

I have the below queries:


1.After my dependant get their H4 stamped in consulate on xyz company & I change my employer (abc) in the meanwhile, do my dependents need to again go to consulate for stamping or will their stamping on xyz(my previous) company holds good for them to come to US? 

2.While in xyz company, if I wish to go to India for a short visit and come back to US, do i need to get my visa stamped with the new I797?? and what are the chances of my approval.

My current employer (xyz) is a good implementation partner in US.


Please answer my above queries so that I can plan accordingly.

Appreciate a quick turn around.


Thanks in anticipation,


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