H1b Status is showing Appeal Was Dismissed


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I have submitted my h1b rfe documentation on nov 6.Its premium processing.

On nov 12 it shows below status


Appeal Was Dismissed
Your appeal was dismissed and the original decision on your case


My question's are:


1) It should show about my decision.

2) I didn't made any appeal, I just submitted rfe.

3) Is it wrong status!!!

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I have seen the same status too as "Appeal was dismissed and decision remains same" . My immigration firm has submitted RFE documents on Jan 9 th and on Jan 23rd,I have seen this status ,before this the status was "Response to RFE was received". 

Could you please help me on why do we see this ? My attorney has neither notified on the decision nor asked me about the appeal,so I don't think an appeal is made.


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