Porting EB3 date to EB2 - With Same Employer or Another

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I need your recommendation regarding my present H1B and green card status. So please help.


I work as an Electrical Engineer for Engineering Company. Here is my current visa status:


Here is my current status:-

  • Working on H1B since Nov 2006.
  • Green Card was filed under EB3 category by present employer.
  • Green Card priority date is in Dec 2008 – PERM labor and I-140 was approved before first 6 year expiry of H1B.
  • First 6 years of H1B were consumed in Oct 2012
  • Got 3 year extension of H1B (since GC is pending), H1B extension expires Oct 2015


What are my options:-

  • Move from one engineering discipline to another with 50% job profile change with the present employer – will I be able to port my priority date from EB3 to EB2 with new discipline
  • Move to another employer offering EB2 position – since my H1B extension expires Oct 2015, if I move to new employer, will I be able to use all the time I have spent outside US since 2006, as an extension to next year H1B expiry in Oct 2015?
  • Which option is better and smoother? – stay with the same employer or move to new employer


Thank you very much!

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It all depends, if you’re current employer willing to process under EB2 then go ahead or if you think moving to new company will benefit you then move to new company. 

I am also under same situation as yours only difference is I am in IT and my employer is willing to process under EB2 with 50% change in job profile. I am still working on it with my attorney.

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