Termination of Job & Unemployment in CA


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About an year ago I received GC, yesterday my employer terminated me with vague reason and little severance pay. In California it is at-will employment, and I also don't want to fight, just want to concentrate my energy on job search.


Now ...

1. Can I claim unemployment? Does it cause any issues at the time of citizenship? It took >12 years for GC, no point in getting into another queue for citizenship.


2.  Can I buy health insurance from federal exchanges saying have very little income?


Appreciate any suggestion in this regard, not just answers to above questions.


Thanks in advance.



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Thank you JoeF.


They offered COBRA to me, it is too expensive, I am continuing COBRA for this year, because current year gross income may not get me better deal in federal health exchanges. 


I am asking about next year, obama care offered by federal exchanges may be cheaper for low income people, Can I go for it until I get some job? My family doesn't have any serious medical concerns, but never know.


I checked with some consulting companies, it is holiday season, they may hire in Feb/March next year, ... after they get new projects.

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Thank you JoeF, for positive outlook and encouragement. I wish your words come true. I am applying every suitable opening I see in the dice, gave resume to all the friends. Hope something will click.

Well, I do know that my employer is hiring, in Orange County, in CA. I interview applicants for Linux positions...

There were big layoffs in the area though, by Broadcom. We got a couple people from there, through recommendations.

So, a good avenue for finding a new job is to check with friends and former co-workers.

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  • 1 month later...

I was trying to buy health insurance through Covered California (health care exchange). In the income column I claimed the unemployment allowance only, of course that is my current income. Covered California says based on that low income I am not eligible to buy insurance from their exchange, they pushed my application to Medi-Cal.

I am really concerned with this Medi-Cal stuff. Does it create any problems for my immigration status when I apply for citizenship?

Thanks in advance.

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