H1b, GC and minor traffic offenses


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Hi all,


Quick question - I have a situation of minor traffic ticket. What is advised in case of going to the court for minor traffic tickets? Does it matter to plea guilty, not guilty, no contest. Does it have any record that can affect for future GC processing? 


And what the best thing to for major traffic offences? 

It is good to be aware. 




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Depends on your definition of minor and major...

Amount of the fine, and for what?


Example, Minor as in - driving on recently expired license. Waiting on new H1b extension approval to get new drivers license. First time offense, with no prior offenses it is only $125 fine. DMV requires H1b approval copy to issue licenses. 


Example, Major as in - a crash causing property damage, and bodily injuries. Or Driving under influence. 



How to be most careful in such cases? 




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