H1 stamping experience - Mumbai consulate

Inder Gandhi

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Hello everyone.

I just came back after getting the H1& H4 stamping done in india(Mumbai). the process was very smooth.


Questions asked:

only few typicall questions were asked to me only. No questioned were asked to my wife.

- who is employer, what do they do?

- who is the client?

- what is your title?

- no documents were asked.

- there were 3 applicant before me 1 was with family like me. all got approved. same questions were asked to them as me.

- I felt it was like just showing your face to the officer and get it done.


your visa is approved, please read...., get the passport in next ....

I received the passport at home on the very next day.


my suggestion: rather then going xyz countries and get ripped off, it was very relaxing and easy getting the stamping done in india for indians. dates are also available within a week. Rest is life, can go on in any direction.


Good luck to all.



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Congrats . Were you already working in USA in E-V-C Model and converting from F1 to H1 ? Was just curious on your scenario if you could please share with us !!

Yes, was working in USA.

E-V-C model

client was global bank which the interviewing officer knew very well, I felt from his expressions.

Yes I was on F1 before and this was my first H1 stamping.

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