Concurrent I-130 and I-1485 for my mother.

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I have filed Concurrent I-130 and I-1485 for my mother on 11/5/2014. I have a fedex receipt that says it was received by Chicago Lockbox on 11/6.  

My mother's I-94 expires on 11/15/2014. While the B2 visa is valid for five more years or so. 

1. Will she be out of status if USCIS does not open the packet,cash the check or generate a receipt # by 11/15. I have filed a G-1145 for email/text intimation.  
2. If USCIS rejects the packet for some reason, will she be out of status? Obviously it will be past 11/15, while we correct and re-file.  

It is advisable to file extension of stay on B2 by 11/15 in either of the cases #1 and #2 above?  


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