F-1 Renewal during STEM Extension


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I got my F-1 visa in 2011.

I completed my MS and MBA (dual degree) from Boston University and then work with a Big 4 Consulting firm since 2013. Had good GPA. Never changed school.


I completed my OPT in July 2014 and now am on my OPT STEM extension until Dec 2015.

My visa expired a few months back, but now I need to go to India and renew F-1 visa.


My concerns are regarding F-1 Visa renewal at the Kolkata consulate? I have updated I-20, current employment documents, property and bank balance in India, family including sibling living in India permanently. I do not have any job offers in India obviously as I still have STEM for more than a year. I have been to many countries (US and in Europe) before and left in time. I am single.


My employer had filed for H-1B this year, but the petition was denied for some wierd reason. I have no other visa or petition denial ever.


Q1. Will the H-1B petition denial be treated as a "visa denial" while filing DS-160 in future?

Q2. What kind of issues can I run into during my F-1 renewal when I go for the visa renewal interview in India? Should I avoid it altogether?

Q3. Can I avail of the new dropbox (visa interview waiver) program and will it help my case and avoid a F-1 renewal denial?



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