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Hi all,


I wanted to write my experience as it may give some insights for other people who are in 221g.


15 APR,2014 - Visa interview, 221g given for additional docs (W2).


16 APR,2014 - Submitted my W2 along with passport.


22 APR 2014 - Passport returned with another 221g for admin processing.


- Old project was over as client A was not ready for remote work, got a new project.


- Applied for new H1-B petition for client B but same employer.


10 OCT, 2014 - New petition approved.


23 OCT, 2014 - Second visa interview, 221g given after 30 mins of interview. Consular concern was old visa application was on hold and not withdrawn, he collected all i-797, client letter, SOW.


27 OCT, 2014 - Send an email to support team to withdraw my old application along with employer letter.


7 NOV, 2014 - Consulate returned all the documents and asked me to submit the passport. Submitted on the same day.


10 NOV, 2014 - Visa approved :) after 7 months.



My suggestion is, please wait for 2 to 3 months for 221g case and if you don't get a response, plan for next steps ( Apply new petition with same or different employer ).


NOTE : If you are going for new visa interview when old application is on 221g hold, PLEASE WITHDRAW THE OLD APPLICATION.


Thanks for people who helped in this forum.




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