Question regarding employer change and stamping in canada


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I've few questions regarding the Question regarding employer change and stamping in canada




1- Stamping- My first stamping was done from Ottawa last year. Now I'm planning to get it done second time from Ottawa only. I heard that going forward you've to go to you home county. I just wanna make sure I can still go to Ottawa or not 


2- Employer Change- My previous stamping done from Employer A, and Now my new h1b is approved from Employer B. I've NOT changed it, due to some issues, employer B took over the whole company Employer A; basically they merged it. But GC is already filled with Employer A.


~ My Question is is that any supporting document I need from employer A or B ? and what if consulate will ask the reason why I changed the employer ? (As i've not changed it they merged and now it's one compnay) How should I explain then ?



Please reply as soon as you can,


Thanks in advance, 



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