Parents have Visitor Visa in couple of weeks. Shouldnt I go to India before their Visa interview


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Hi Dear Forum Friends Good Morning Everyone,


I am sponsoring to my parents for Visitor Visa to USA.

The interview is in Nov 3rd week.

Unexpectedly i got vacation from office which is unplanned and i will be in India by Nov 2nd week.


In DS 160 I filled that i am staying in USA.


now my questions are


1) Is it okay if i visit India during my parents Visitor Visa is in process as I am the sponsor

2) If yes for question 1. Is it okay with DS 160 as i already submitted in it that I Sponsor staying in USA which could not match if I go to India for a vacation

3) what should me parents answer when an VO asks them when there is a question where is your son staying


Your response is appreciated friends


Thanks in Advance...!!!

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As stated many times on this forum You cannot sponsor a visa for your parents. They may stay with you on their trip and you may purchase tickets and all that stuff but they need to independently prove that they have strong cultural and financial ties to home country and they will return back after their visit to US and will be able to afford the expenses of the trip.


1.It is OK for you to visit India during their visa interview.

2. It is OK to say on DS-160 that you are residing in US. You can travel for personal reasons and do not have be in US at all times.

3. If asked  tell them to reply to the point and be truthful.  You are residing in US in XYZ town as per information on DS-160.  VO will likely not ask them where you are at that particular moment. Do not volunteer to give any information not asked by VO.

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