H1-B Transfer - EB3 to EB2........

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I was on a H1-B visa in US since 2005. My H1-B was renewed twice and the last stamp/expiry of the H1-B was Sept 31-2014. However, in 2012 I left USA and moved to SG. My I-140 has been approved with a priority date in Aug 2007 (EB-3 category).


Now I have got an offer from another employer in US . They have filed the I-129 petition (H1-B transfer) and they mentioned to me that they can put me in the EB-2 category. My question is once my petition is approved, what is the next step that I need to convey to this employer in terms of the GC process ? Do I need to tell them to file the I-485 in the EB2 category using the priority date mentioned in the I-140 ? Appreciate if someone can let me know the exact process.




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