Country of birth different from citizenship?

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I was born in the middle east, while my citizenship is India.


When my parents had initially taken the passport, the country of birth on it was given on it as India. Not sure why it was done this way. Anyway, thinking it didn't matter, I didn't bother to change it in my passport. Now I been using my passport for 13 years.


Now I am in the process of applying for my Green Card, and here I see that the waiting list is based on the country of birth, rather than citizenship. 


Now, is there anyway for me to change the country of birth in my passport and apply for greencard. I am already in the Us on H1 for sometime, and during all that time I had given country of birth as India. 


I have some proofs to show country of birth. One is my birth certificate, other my mom's passport which shows that she was in the middle east when I was born.


Please let me know if any of you know of any similar case. Thanks a lot for all your help.

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