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I am F-1 Student came to US after high school in India and went to 2 year college, then 4 year college, and now masters level. (This way I was able to apply for 3 OPT’s).


During my first OPT, “Employer A” filed for my green card under EB-3 with priority date of Jan, 2009. During my college time from 2009 to up until now in 2014, I have been with same employer with CPT’s and OPT. Now I have master’s Degree and “Employer A” can file my green card based on EB-2 category.


My questions are that,

1)      When “Employer A” files for green card under EB-2 category, can I keep the same priority date as it was filed for me in January 2009.

2)      If I go to different “employer B” and they file for my green card, can I still keep my original date?

3)      Since EB-2 category is current for mid-2009, my original date January 2009 would be current as soon as they apply for me. How long would it take for me to get green card?

4)      Or do they have to start whole process again from scratch?


Or is it wise to get H1B and then continue this process of greencard.

Thank you, 


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