Travel wihout greencard when its approved

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Hello Experts,


I have a situation where my GC has been approved and shipped but I have not received it. USPS messed up and now we are tracking the package. Anyways I have international travel in next two week. question is


1. Can I travel without greencard? I have valid (stamped) H1B on my passport.

2. If 1 is not an otpion what should I do?


Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Thank you,


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Thank you itsmeusa.. appreciate your prompt reply and help in this matter.

Do you know how long does it take to get I551 stamped on passport, is it a day job/a week or longer? One more thing is that I have my EAD and I512 (parole) approved I have the card in my possession. I belive I can travel and return using that card but can you one anyone here can confirm that.


Thank you,

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Once you are able to take the InfoPass apt, I guess, stamping I551 is a day's job. Moreover, like I said, you could travel either on H1b or AP, while entering US, just tell IO that your GC was approved, however due to immediate travel, you could not collect the physical card, they would verify I-485 is approved and let you enter. You have nothing to worry.

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Just so that everybody knows....


I had my infopass appt today, The I/O said I can NOT travel on H1B or on Parole when my GC is approved. I/O said they cant stamp my passport (I-551) until I file I-90 (lost stolen GC). 


Eventhough it was not my fault not to receive my GC I had to file I-90 under lost/stolen catagory as USCIS says they can not be held resposible as long as they mail the document to the address on file and if the document is not returned to them as undelivered one has to file as lost/stolen and have to pay $450 fee!!!!.


Well I had no choice as my travel dates are approching in a week. I got my passport successfully stamed once I had my I-90 receipt printed. shoed it to I/O and she stamped I551.but this is preposterous.......

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