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Hi All,


We are 3 friends who came for Stamping to OTTAWA. Everyone got their H1B Stamping done successfully.


Questions that VO asked are


1. Who is your employer?

2. Who is you client?

3. Where do you work?

4. How many employers work in your company? --  information will be in your LCA

5. When was your company established?

6. What is your designation?


Not even a single document asked...interview was less than 2 minutes


I noticed that 221 G was issued to only one person for the time I was in the consulate.


Be confident and that should be enough to get visa stamped..!!


All the best..




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hi, could you please let me know whether you got your passport back after stamping? and did you check the status on CEAC site and what is the status?

I am asking this because, I had my interview on 5th and VO said I should get my passport in 2-3 days. My case status is still in "AP".

No not yet..he told the same thing for me as well...

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Please let  me know if you get your passport back or any status update. Because My date was 31st Oct and VO told me same thing and still it;s in AP.

I received an email with Waybill Number and passport will be ready for pick up. I am hopeful that Monday I will get my passport. My friends also got the email.

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