Company not e-verified- Worked less than a month


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Dear sir/Madam,

I got your info from my friend who recommended me here and wanted to run things by you and see if there would be any issues later down the line or not. I have a situation and was wondering if you could throw some light. I will be as clear as possible like water. I am on STEM OPT and my extension expires on May 2015. I was working for a company which was not E-verified but at the time when i started working i didn't know that but after a couple of weeks I started the job I found an another job so i changed myself within a month. I worked for the company for less than a month. 

The question here is, the employer wanted me to sign on 1099 which is basically a contractor type of a form. Is it legal to work on this as I am on F1 STEM EAD? Will this affect me while I am applying for H1B next year ? 

Note: They pay bi-weekly so the second portion of it is yet to be paid so that's the reason they wanted me to get in 1099

Thank you very much for your help, looking forward in hearing from you soon

Thank you for your help !
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