Anyone going to Tijuana on November 19th & 20th for H1B Visa Renewal stamping


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Hello Everyone, I am going to Tijuana for H1B Visa Renewal stamping (7th yr Ext) on Nov 19th & 20 th. If anyone else is going on the same dates, let me know so we can share the accommodation and travel details.


Also , if any one recently went to Tijuana for H1B renewal stamping, please share your experiences. 


Thanks in advance.

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Hello All,


My visa was approved on Nov 20th in Tijuana Mexico. It was a short 5-7 min discussion with the Visa officer.

As soon as I gave my documents(Passport, DS160, appointment letter & I797) to visa officer, he asked me, is this renewal or new. Mine is renewal. 
VO: Is it with same employer and same job description?
Me: Yes, everything same.
VO: Who do you work for?
Me: Told employer name
VO: how long have you been with this company?
Me: Almost 8 yrs.
VO: Show me ur employer letter.
Me: Gave it to him. He just saw the company letterhead and my name on it. Thats it. Dint even go thru it.
VO: Did you had or do you have any problems in terms of payment or work related issues with your employer?
Me: Never not at all. 
VO: Where do you work?
Me: Told client location.
Now he was typing and checking some thing in the system. May be looking at my client information in the system from H1 petition.
VO: Who is your client?
ME: Told him.
Now again he verified some details in the system for almost a minute and told me that my Visa is approved and asked me to come and get it next day at 3PM. 
I went there next day at 2.30PM and collected the PP. 
VO did not ask for any W2s/paystubs/client letter or anything else. But its good to have all the docs and we need to prepare well for all possible questions.
IMP: Tijuana has very long lines and so much crowd at the consulate, AFC, PP pickup and at the border crossing. It would take hours for each of the above (except the finger prints which took around 30 mins). If possible I would suggest others to go to Matamoros instead of Tijuana where a Mexican guy provides all the services for minimal charge and less crowd. And in Matamoros, most ppl get the passports on the same day at 3PM so they can return to USA on the same day without waiting for next day.
Btw, my existing H1B visa in my PP expired 2 months ago, so I took a Mexican visa before my trip.
Hope this helps plan your visa stamping in Mexico. Good luck guys. 
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