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I have a recently approved H1 (currently in India), but due to various reasons.. the actual client with whose PO we have applied had withdrawn his offer. So now we're thinking of other options as I still have to go for stamping and without a valid offer in hand, I cannot.


a) Either apply for a different client in close proximity to Client 1 who withdrew - unfortunately there are no more companies requiring IT skills in that city. Nearest metro is 2 hrs away, same state.


Q 1) Is it possible to apply for a different client in city 2 (the 2 hrs away one) and just file for an LCA without amendment?


Q 2) Or is amendment anyway required having to change to a different client?


b) If Amendment is required anyway, I believe I dont have to stick to the proximity of city 1 and can find a client in any other state. If that is the case,


Q 3) What is the cost for Amendment? I researched a bit, but a little confused with the information out there. Does it cost as much as it does for applying for a new H1 or extension? for sure it will be done under premium processing.


I do really want to know if Amendment is required or no if I change clients within a 2hr distance.

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You need to have new LCA identifying proposed start and end date with zip code of end client location.


Irrespective of location of new client you need to file amendment, your I-797 should always reflect current (end client) you work for or (intend to work for).  Check with your employer/attorney on amendment fees as USCIS has a standard $$ for it but attorney might need some $$ to file.

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