Beneficiary paying PP for H1 transfer


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I noticed when searching online that this is a gray area. In some places it says its legal, but in some other it says it is not.


What would be the exact procedure that has to be followed if beneficiary wants to pay for PP in H1 transfer, (employer / attorney is ready to sign i907).

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The employer pays for it, but there is nothing in the law that says the beneficiary can't reimburse the employer for premium processing.

Since PP is in the interest of the employer, with the beneficiary being approved quickly and being able to start working for the employer quickly, the employer should pay for it. And a good employer would.

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Again, as mentioned several times on this forum there is no such thing as H-1 transfer.

You can pay for PP if employer is not willng to pay for that. Usually it is not required to do PP for cap exempt h-1b filing so employers do not want to pay the extra money for no good reason.

Your peace of mind in getting new H-1 approved in 15 days is not a valid business reason for the employer.


You can send personal check directly to the attorney and they will write a check to DOL

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