H1 B Approved but Change of Status Pending...Can I change the Employer?


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I came to USA in Oct 2013 on H4 and applied for my H1B through an employer in 2014. For whatever reason, my employer applied for H1B through Consular processing. Now it is November 2014 but my employer is hesitant to either apply for consular processing or Change of Status, due to client side issues. Now my question is: 

1. Can I change the employer at this stage i.e I have I-797 but not I-94? 
2. If yes, what documents would I need for changing my employer? 
3. Will it be difficult to find an employer at this stage? 
3. What other options do I have?

Any help from the members would be highly appreciable.


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Hi, my h4 to h1b is approved but change of status is denied.

I travelled to india in January and came back to usa in feb end.after that my visa was filed on 1st april under normal processing. Can it be a reason for cos denial?

Please help.

No, that is not the reason. What does your attorney say about COS denial?

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