H1B Visa Stamping Renewal || Got 221 (g) Blue Slip in Chennai


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Hello All,


I attended my interview on 29-SEP-2014 for my visa renewal at US Consulate, Chennai. I am direct employee of American company and VO asked for my Resume after few questions. I was not aware that i need to carry my resume. So i told VO that except resume i have all other documents for your review. He insisted me to provide resume and gave me 221(g) blue slip.


As per VO statement, I got email from US Consulate Chennai on same day evening asking for my resume and other information. I submitted all information from my company and my resume to US Consulate, Chennai on 01-OCT-2014. US Consulate, Chennai was closed from 02-OCT-2014 to 06-OCT-2014 due to govt holiday in Chennai and USA. I was waiting for some acknowledgement from consulate stating that they received my document.  But i haven't got any update till 09-OCT-2014. I spoke to customer care and sent email asking for acknowledgement. Then on 10-OCT-2014 someone from Chennaiadmin called me stating that they can't open my document. I again sent my document to Chennaiadmin on same day and asked for acknowledgement. Please note that i was able to open the attachments which i sent on both the days (01-OCT as well 10-OCT). Again on 13-OCT-2014, Chennai consulate was closed. On 14-OCT-2014, again someone from Chennaiadmin called me stated that they haven't received any document. I was very frustrated and asked customer care. Then finally they said they have sent the document to Chennaiadmin and Chennaiadmin gave me an acknowledgement. this delayed my process further. I don't know whether they are checking their inbox after govt holiday. Since i insisted some acknowledgement, then only they are reacting accordingly which is very frustrating.


Now everyday i am calling customer care in India and US to check my status and status remains the same "under Administrative Processing". It is being more than 40 days from my interview date and haven't got any status change. 


Did anyone faced similar issue? how long it normally takes to resolve this issue? what could be the reason for this Administrative processing? I have master degree in chemical engg from USA and working in Pharma industry as safety system analyst. I am living in USA for past 8 years. This is my first time i am undergoing the tedious process. I don't understand the reason for this delay and scrutiny. Please throw some light on this issue.




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