Successful Visa Stamping in Vancouver ....!


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It's payback time for Murthy Forum which helped me alot in getting prepare for visa.


Experience in Vancouver was very cool;All you need is complete documentation and confidence.Today almost 90% of visas are approved.


I was only 4 questions


1) Employer

2) End Client

3) What is your end client business can you please explain

4) W2,Paystubs,LCA


Finally he said your visa is approved.


Thank again to everyone in the forum who responded for my questions and regarding accomidation.





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Hello Vijay,


Congrats on your success brother, I am planning to go for the interview at Vancouver next week. Can you please take some time and give us a detailed run through of how the interview went, starting from you entering  the consulate till your happy stroll out of the building. This really helps us understand the current situation at the embassy.


Thanks in Advance

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