Visa stamping for fresh H1B


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I am working in H1B and my wife was in H4 status. 

This October she got her H1B approved. But she has not started working.

So she doesn't have any pay stub and client letter.

We are going to India on Nov 27th.

Can she go for visa stamping with the below documents:


1. Approved I-797

2. I-129 receipt.

3. Copy of LCA with which H1B was applied.

4. Company offer letter mentioning salary.

5. Petitioner's Income Tax Return for the last two tax years and financial statements.




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The company filed H1B for her with a client letter, but that project is no more available. She is currently in training and looking for a new project. 

Your wife has reported to employer and if she is not paid she is out of status. She needs to file a complaint with DOL. Searching for a project is not her job and it her employer's.

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