Boder Cross Issue After H1b Revoke Issue


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Hi All

I have a H1b revoked situation 
In brief i can describe her current situation:
1) Previous Status: H4 visa 8/12012 to 05/08/2015
2) Converted to H1B :
   Starting Validity Date: 11/14/13 

   Ending Validity Date: 11/13/14

3) Principle applicant(husband's) moved his H1B to different employer in Feb 2014 along with his 4 year Old  daughter as dependent .
3) On Aug 15th 2014 H1B(wife's from step 2) was reopened as per the USCIS website. As per employer latest comment recently her H1b was set for revoke by him. This all happened  with out informing Employee
She did not have any pay-stubs till date with her employer during her h1b period...and did not sign w4 also with him.
what are her options going forward..? 
as per few suggestions we gathered till now:
1) Cross the border and come back with new i94 with her old H4 visa .
2) go back to home contry and get visa stamped on new H4 from his husband latest h1b in step 3.
please advise your suggestions helps us lot at this uncertain situation.
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