Can't add my wife in CSC Canada Visa information as add family member


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Hello all, 


Did any one ever faced the similar issue? I can't add my wife as a family member, I paid my MRV fee already and I would like to add my wife to schedule the interview in Canada with me as she is on H4/dependent visa. I didn't see any option out there to pay her visa fee now. Is there any other option I can add her now? Guys please help me on this.


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may be there's duplicate record created for your wife. YOu can contact them through "website at or call the CSC Call Center for support"and ask them to deleted duplicate entry. Can even ask them to help u. Hope it helps.

Hey ari123,


You are absolutely right, I called them and they released my wife duplicate entry and I can add her now, I need to pay fee through phone rather than online. Thanks for the help.

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