Need to reschedule interview at Ottawa on Nov12 to Some other date in Nov-


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I have scheduled my interview on Nov 13 at Ottawa. but want to reschedule to some other date


But i am seeing below lines 



There are currently no appointments available for your trip purpose.

Would you like to change your information and reschedule your appointment.


I heard that dates are available, but for me those are not. can any one please help if you have booked interview and able to see dates to reschedule. it is little bit urgent. Thank you

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I See the next available date at ottawa is in 16days i.e., around Nov 20th. If your friends are able to see more recent dates ask them to check if they booked it as a resident or non resident of canada as many of my friends made that mistake earlier. Email me if you need anything it is included in my profile.


Good Luck.

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Thanks Krish. I have reschedule to Nov20. The thing is they have opened slots for only ~ 5 to 10 mins where I got lucky to book the slot. 

HI Esar1 . i have booked a slot on NOV 20th at Ottawa consulate. if you are looking for a shared accommodation. please contact me ( i am planning and didn't book any hotel). you can find my email in my profile.

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