H1 Rejected. Reapply for H1 from CPT ?


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Completed my Bachelors in Biotech Enigneering and pursued my
Masters in Biosystem Engineering  Started Working as Software QA consultant for 2 years on OPT (Used my  STEM extension also).
Applied for H1 (April 2012), Got rejected on Educational background. (My Job dint match my MS)
Later pursued my MS in Computer science  from August 2012.I am eligible only for CPT (11 months Starting from December 2014) and not OPT (as I used up before). I am about to graduate in Fall 2015
While I continue my CPT from December, Can I apply for H1(APRIL 2015) during my CPT before I graduate ? I cant wait till I graduate as I don't have eligibility to work after I graduate.

If I can apply, can I support my education background with the present Masters in Computer Science ?

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Everything is fine in your case except the CPT part.

Don't go in that route, you will kill your career. File H1 in April and after graduation you will be eligible for cap gap so that you can stay in US while your H1 is under process. From Oct 1st you can start working on H1.


DO NOT TAKE CPT. That's not for full time job.

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Thanks For the information. Can I apply for an internship as a part of my CPT ? would that be an CPT abuse too ?


An internship, if it is required by a class, and everybody taking the class would have to do it, that would be legitimate CPT.

University personnel would work with the students to find appropriate local companies where the internship would be done.

That's what integral part of the curriculum means. Everybody would have to do an internship to apply the things learned in class. It won't be with some arbitrary company, and certainly not with some consulting company.

And as such, legitimate CPT is very rare.

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