what about h1-h1 extension in jamaica, if previous f1-h1 stamp is from jamaica last year


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i did f1-h1 last year in jamaica, the new rule says primary residence, does this affect h1-h1 in jamaica now?

see this one point says '

  • Applicants who obtained their current visa in a country other than that of their legal residence. 
  • "



which means if i got f1-h1 in jamaica or canada last time other than home country, it means we are not eligible for h1-h1 in jamaica now?

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Thats completely wrong.. Currently yesterday and today.. People attended interviews and they got there visa;s approved.. what exactly you asked them ,  i dont know.. when i check and talked to them..  The dates are not opened and we are not accepting interview.. when i asked some more questions.. This is what they said..


Current interviews are schedule, we never said, visa interviews are cancelled. Only people got emails as cancelled there interviews are cancelled.. people who did not got emails, there interviews are on schedule. We are not accepting further interviews for H1 meaning already have booked dates, they are OK. But for people who need to book dates, they cannot..


Thats what the embassy is saying..


Today also, which is NOV 4 few peoples visa's has been approved.. Today now...

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