H1B Visa agreement with employer and employee.


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I am on H1B in California based firm and my wife was on H4. The case is regarding my wife visa.

My wife received her H1B this year (2014) through one employer. it was a contract basis job where either us or her employer had to look for job for her. In September, 2014, she got full time job and this full time employer was not willing to work with contract position, hence we requested for VISA transfer and ask for supporting documents.


To initiate the process and providing the supporting documents, her H1B sponsoring employer got her signed the agreement with amount of $ 20,000 (this amount was disclosed while the employer had confirmed her employment with 2 years employment bond, and failing to that we have to pay the 20K) and now that we had to pay with a promissory note of $15, 000 as we had paid $5000 on Oct 08, 2014.


My question is,

1. Are we supposed to pay remaining 15K as any kind of bonded labor is illegal in California?

2. We had to bear the H1B processing fees too.


Could you please comment, whether we should pay him remaining amount or should consult attorney as her employer is having signed agreement and promissory note in non-notorized paper, signed by her and company CFO.


Please comment.

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