F1- H1 becareful, you are excluded from the list..


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H1-H1 should not be a problem.. But still its your risk.... You might be taking a big risk.. 





Effective October 31, 2014:

 Third Country Nationals 

If you have no long term status in Jamaica (e.g. you are a visitor and not an immigrant, refugee, student, or worker in Jamaica), the best place to apply for a visa is in your home country. It is a misconception  to believe that applying for a visa in Jamaica will be simpler or easier than applying in your home country. 

Effective October 31, 2014, Embassy Kingston does not accept interview applications from third country nationals for the following visa categories and cases:

  • Applicants who changed status with Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. seeking a new visa in the new visa category.  
  • Applicants who entered the U.S. in one visa category and are seeking to re-enter the U.S. in a different visa category. 
  • Applicants who have been out of status in the U.S. having violated the terms of their visas or having overstayed the validity indicated on their I-94s. 
  • Applicants who obtained their current visa in a country other than that of their legal residence. 
  • Petition-based first time applicants.
  • Third country nationals who are not resident in Jamaica and who are applying for a B1/B2 visa (including B1/B2 renewals). 
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