H1 to H4 and back to H1 with same petition and employer


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I am currently on H1B working in US. But due to personal reasons, I want to be with my spouse and daughter in US [he s also in US but different location]after converting from H1 to H4 for 6 months. I am coming to India on December to take my daughter and is planning to stamp H4 on my husband's H1B. I would like to know whether I can work after 6 months ie convert back to H1 with same employer. My current petition is valid till june 2016. Can I go for stamping to H1 again [after going back to India] with my existing valid petition after 6 months or need to file a new work permit. Please help. The current H1B , in which I am working is H1 extension and doesnt have H1B visa stamped based on it.

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