H1 Visa - Question on DS 160 and PIMS


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I have visa appointment on Nov 17th in Jamaica. I'm worried about these two doubts and any advise on this would be really helpful


when i booked my appointment i was working for client A, now my client changed recently and also filed and Amendment which is being processed.


Q1 - Once my amendment is approved the petition number will be changed on I-797 but my DS-160 has the old petition Number. How should i correct it. Do i need to fill a new DS- 160, i'm not sure i can fill a new DS-160 now ? please advise.


Q2 - My Amendment is premium processed (received by USCIS on Nov 28th) and i'm expecting the result by Nov 7th (Given that there are no RFE's) How would my amendment or new petition number will be related to PIMS update. As most of the time i see people talking about PIMS update.


should i be worried about PIMS update with reference to my amendment considering the time frame (Nov 7th - 17th) Please do advise.



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