Successful Stamping Oct 27th and 29th Ottawa waitiing for PP


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Hi All


thanks for all the info in Murthy forum. helped us prepare. My husband and I done with our interviews on 27th and 29th. Waiting for PP now. here are our experiences.


Oct 27th: EVC 7th year H1b (second stamping first in India) with I140 approved.

Drove from NY. at canada border: why are you here? how long r u going to stay?

VI questions:

1. Who do you work for?

2. What is your role? he is in embedded Soft Dev (ESD), VO said interesting...

3. what do you as ESD? expalined

seems to be satisfied, types something and said visa approved will take a week as PIMS not updated.



Oct 29th: EVC 3rd year H1 (H4 to H1) MS from US (H1b before MS completion)

flew in form NY with our daughter.At airport POE: why are you here? have a good stay.


VI Questions:

1. Who do you work for? answered

2. what do you do for them? i said i work for client and do so and so, he did t let me complete.

3.who is the client again? answered.

4. since when r u working with them? answered (i work with client longer tha with employer took a transfer)

5.since when r u with your employer you said? answered.


typed some thing in the computer then said "we are approving your visa" you will get your PP in 2/3 days. i asked can i get it before Friday, he said only tomorrow (thursday is in between) so probably on friday you may receive. i said Thank you , happy me... No documents asked i did t even take anything out other than PP, 797 and Ds160 confirmation.


there were two VO s in 40s mostly nice to everyone. i saw then grilling two H1b guys abt their MS background but finally granted them visa. i did t see them denying anyone during the time i was there. Also the security was asking for interview time if it was more than 30 mins early they were sending them back. No backpacks they JUST DONT allow them. the nice guard was telling them abt a mall down the road where they had storage. Ladies purses only medium size allowed. there is a box in teh front they will try to fit the purse in there if does not fit, they dont allow.


Hopefully we will get PP soon and go back home.


All best yo'all.





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There are three checks


1.a lady checks if you have all three doc (PP,797 and DS160 confirmation) and sees if the picture is good enough. if not she write on the top recommending a good pic (they did this for the guy in front of me)


2.window 6 where a lady arranges your docs in a folder and gives you a token.


3. they call your token and get you finger prints in.


in all above 3 places no reference or check on our PIMS.


then now you wait for VO to call your number. he is the one who checks PIMS. SO untill you go for your interview you will not kow anything about PIMS. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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