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I had received my first L1B petition approved from Jan2010 - Dec2012.

I entered US first time on Jun2011 and stayed upto Oct2011.

I stayed outside of US for 213 days from Oct2011 - Jun2012.


Again back to US on Jun2012 and my company requested me to apply for a new L1B Petition instead of extend the previous one.
When I was in US itself I have applied for the new L1B and got it approved L1B (I-797C) - valid from Sep2011 till "Petition Valid Indefinitely".
Since there was no I-94 attached in the I-797C, I went outside US and got stamped in Canada on Dec2012.

The new L1B Visa Stamping details are as follows:

Issue Date  : 11DEC2012
Expiration Date : 09DEC2017
PED  : 02DEC2015

When I entered US, I have provided a new I-94 with admission date till 02DEC2015.

Here is my Questions to extend my stay beyond 02DEC2015:

1. My Visa stamping in my Passport says the expiration date as 09DEC2017 and PED as 02DEC2015, my I-94 admission date valid till 02DEC2015.
Can i stay beyond 02DEC2015 ?

2. Is it possible to apply for a new L1B one more time? if yes, what about the success ratio to get it ?
3. Can I file L1B extension ?  if yes, what about the success ratio to get it ?

4. Can I file a new H1B ? what is COS ?
5. What is my Max-Out_Date in L1B ?

6. Which one is the best option for me to extend my stay here in US - L1B or H1B ?

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