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Hi All,


Surname in my passport is blank, and Given name is Pallavi. But my I-797 is approved with First name as FNU, and last name as Pallavi, instead it should have been Pallavi, LNU (Surname/Last Name Unknown).


I have travel plans to India, and the DS-160 form has Given name and Surname fields which are mandatory and should be entered as per the Passport. What am I supposed to enter in the Given name and Surname field? Should it be Pallavi LNU. (DS-160 form says: ( If your passport does not include a given name, please enter 'FNU' in Given Names.)


Will this be an issue during Visa stamping. Should I explain this issue to the consulate officer during the visa interview?

I was given 221g earlier for F1 and also H1B stampings in India.


This whole thing makes me concerned.


Please suggest what am I supposed to do, and how to get this cleared off.  






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In USA, Surname is more important than given name. I don't think USCIS will change the names. They will not have blank in surname. Either you can continue same way or you can apply for new passport with indian embassy  with last name printed if you have any and then have passport details updated in USCIS and then go for Visa stamping so that your name will get corrected in stamping. This is what i had to do in order to get it corrected.

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Hi All,


Thanks very much for the response, like you suggested I got my name changed from FNU Pallavi to Pallavi LNU by USCIS without changing anything in Passport. I got my new amended i-797 with new name.


Its been 10 years I had this name FNU Pallavi all these years and did not get it corrected. I got it corrected this time. Should I still be worried of 221gs in Visa consulate? 




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Even if you had not got changed your name on i797, You should not have worried about 221G, as I797 is just a proof of approval. But at the end VISA stamping is based on what is your name on passport. when your Visa is stamped in US consulate, Your name will again FNU on the visa stamping even though your name has been changed on I797 as they count your name on passport instead of I797.


I may be wrong but that what i have learnt after interacting with USCIS regarding this issue with my passport.

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This discussion was very helpful. I kind of have a similar problem and little bit confused with the situation. I have added the details below:


I have given name and no surname on my passport.

           Given Name: XYZ

           Last Name:            (blank)


My I-797 was approved with name:

           First Name: XYZ

           Last Name: LNU


To fill out DS 160 should I use

           First Name: FNU

           Last Name: XYZ


           First Name:XYZ

           Last Name: LNU


Will greatly appreciate your response.



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